CCI T-shirt designs / CRUX

Besides being super busy with the continuous updates to my portfolio website, which has yet to go live… I kinda decided to take a break and create some really cool tees for the local car club that I’m in, Charlotte Cruise Inns. I’m really hoping that these will see the light of day because this was one of the most enjoyable projects that I have worked on in quite some time. If your feeling especially generous with your time, I’m taking a poll to see if I should continue along this path, or just go ahead and do something else. Ah who am I kidding? I’m going to keep on doing this cause its fun. Hopefully it will catch on and I’ll become the next Mark Ecko or something like that. Anyway here is the link: CCI T-shirt designs by CRUX. Or you can always check out the images below, that always works. As always “Enjoy Responsibly”!

Rims / Front

Rims / Backside

Rocker Skull / Front

Rocker Skull / Backside

Rims / Final Proof

Rocker Skull / Final Proof

Design Inspiration

So this site has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while now and I’d figure I would post about it. First of all the layout is pretty cool, although not perfect; it does have a few bugs but its not that bad. Second of all I’m usually not sure what I’m looking at but its something that is usually really eye catching and has an other worldly sense about it almost like your an alien looking in. The same feeling you get looking through a high end fashion magazine is the same one you will get looking through this site. The “What Just happened?” moment is about to occur. Prepare yourselves.

Playlist of the Week 5 – California Chillin

So its been about a week since Ive returned to the Queen City and while i was out there I realized that we haven’t had a playlist for a while now so here is the playlist of tunes heared while I was actually out there. Oh and shoutout to my boy Ethan for giving me the idea, and congrats agian on your wedding. So without further ado enjoy the tunes of Cali.

California Chillin

  • Weatherman – Dead Sara
  • You Are a Tourist – Death Cab for Cutie
  • Midnight City – M83
  • HashPipe – Weezer
  • It Gets Better – Fun.

Rocker / HonkFu

Thought you guys might enjoy this pic byAnna Cattish and the whole crew over at Honkfu. I can’t tell you how surpised I was to see this chillin on my Facebook timeline with my name on it, drawn personally by Cattish. Now its chillin on my iPod Touch keeping guard over all of my hard rock music.


Interview with Kilian Martin

courtesy of

Hey guys, I got a special treat this week for you. I have been scouring the internet and I came across Kilian Martin’s videos on YouTube. I was so impressed with his style of skating that I knew I would have to ask for an interview for a look into a method to his madness. Fortunalty Kilian was nice enough to take the time out of his day to have a quick chat. Below are some questions and answers to what really makes Kilian tick.

  • How old are you and when did you first start skating?
    • I started when I was 16. Before that I did gymnastics for a few years.

  • In your movies, “A Skate Illustration” and “A Skate Regeneration” you seem to like to do a lot of flatland and street skating. Have you ever tried or had an interest in vert?
    • I like flatland mixed in with street because it still gives a lot of room to be original while using the environment around me. Freedom. I like all forms of skateboarding but I prefer to focus on what I like the most.

  • Since your style is so unique, how did you originally start out skateboarding?(I.E Street, Vert, flatland, etc.)
    • I started doing miniramp and street. After a few months I started dedicating some hours to skate flatland. Then I tried to gather all the influences I had in the past and put them into my skating.

  • It’s refreshing to see another skater out there who isn’t just doing your run of the mill heel-flip into 50-50. What gets you inspired to try new tricks or even invent your own style?
    • Thanks. I used to watch skate videos and be attracted mostly for anything original I could find on it.
      I don’t know. It just feels good to do something that came out from your own imagination. That’s one of the things that keeps me going.

  • Do you listen to music while you skate? If so, what type?
    • I do once in a while. I like to listen to Punk rock. Sometimes I need to take music breaks to concentrate on a trick.

  • Do you have any other hobbies besides skateboarding?
    • I like to collect records, memorabilia from my fav movies, surfing…

  • Who would you say inspired you the most?
    • Rudy Ruettiger from the movie RUDY and Daniel Larusso in the movie Karate Kid. Its just hard to say, anyone fighting hard to get what they want is a big inspiration to me.

  • Any advice to up and coming skaters?
    • Be an original and HAVE FUN! Skateboarding is Skateboarding.

Be sure to check out Kilian’s videos after the break. Trust me you will NOT be disappointed.

Thanks for viewing!

2012 Resolutions Poster

Here is a personal project for my Type 01 class. The basic goal of the project was to create a list of our goals or “resolutions” for the new year. If your wondering why I have “resolutions” in parenthesis then you’ll just have to take some time out of your schedule to read the poster. Anyway this is my list of goals for the new year, if you really like it you can download it and give ya boy some props or if your the budding creative you can create your own; its not too late.