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Playlist of the Week #4 Drum & Bass Mix

This week has been stupid crazy and a little weird. We got all of the big name websites going on strike today to shut down this new bill that has been proposed and such. We also got some weirdly warm somewhat rainy weather for January, so I thought that it was time to get back [...]

Playlist of the Week #3 / Mellow Mix

So I’ve been feeling sort of mellow this past week and I thought for this week’s playlist instead of some new stuff that you’ve probably never heard about I decided to go with some of the gems that I’ve found but have kinda gotten lost in the shuffle around here. This week is a blend [...]

Playlist of the Week #2

Here are some jams to get you through your week Nutshell – Alice in Chains Timestretch ( West Coast Flo Mix ) – Bassnectar Killer Queen – Queen Good Morning Beautiful – Deftones Paradise Circus – Massive Attack Subdivisions – Rush Animus Vox – The Glitch Mob Brokendate – ComTruise Im Beaming – Lupe Fiasco [...]