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CCI T-shirt designs / CRUX

Besides being super busy with the continuous updates to my portfolio website, which has yet to go live… I kinda decided to take a break and create some really cool tees for the local car club that I’m in, Charlotte Cruise Inns. I’m really hoping that these will see the light of day because this [...]

Week in Review

So it’s been one of those weeks again and I’m just now getting around to posting. Anyway where to begin, oh so I have been working normal people hours this week which means that I have to act like a responsible adult and go to bed on time which needless to say is taking some [...]

What’s New

Just an update on my life so far. This has been the busiest week of recent memory for me. With classes ending for the semester, filling out paperwork for my new teaching gig, finishing up last minute projects and generally freaking out, I have had little to no time to blog or chill. Anyway just [...]