Sweet Garages

For all of you car guys out there who love to work on their rides, you will really appreciate this garage. I stumbled upon this little beauty and it made me wish my garage was that nice. As it is I have to work on my car in the driveway. Also I am a huge [...]

Momkai / Pete Philly

  Pete Philly from Momkai on Vimeo. I have been following this creative agency for a while now on Behance and I saw the new site that they just did for musician Pete Philly. Being a UI (user interface) designer myself I was really blown away by the presentation of the site and how well [...]

Getting back into the swing

Well its Thursday already isn’t. Man does the time go by really quickly and I’m just now getting around to posting something I thought was cool and then I forgot about it so I’ll just tell you how my week has been. Sunday was pretty sweet cause I hung out with my boy Ryan Turner [...]