Playlist of the Week #2

Here are some jams to get you through your week Nutshell – Alice in Chains Timestretch ( West Coast Flo Mix ) – Bassnectar Killer Queen – Queen Good Morning Beautiful – Deftones Paradise Circus – Massive Attack Subdivisions – Rush Animus Vox – The Glitch Mob Brokendate – ComTruise Im Beaming – Lupe Fiasco [...]

Week in Review

So it’s been one of those weeks again and I’m just now getting around to posting. Anyway where to begin, oh so I have been working normal people hours this week which means that I have to act like a responsible adult and go to bed on time which needless to say is taking some [...]

Playlist of the Week

So I’ve been busy but I haven’t forgot about you guys. Here are some recommended listening for you audiophiles out there: Leave Me Alone / Natalie Imbruglia Sabotage / Beastie Boys Pam-Am 1 & Pan-Am2 / Thes One Hells Bells / AC/DC Out From Under / RED Peephole / System of a Down Comfortably Numb [...]

What’s New

Just an update on my life so far. This has been the busiest week of recent memory for me. With classes ending for the semester, filling out paperwork for my new teaching gig, finishing up last minute projects and generally freaking out, I have had little to no time to blog or chill. Anyway just [...]