CRUX / Tron Legacy Movie Poster

Tron Legacy Movie Poster

So I’ve been so busy that I almost forgot to post my latest work of art. I know its almost a year late but you know what they say, better late to the party than never showing up at all! Anyway about the poster, I had the bright idea to try and digitally paint this for a computer basics art project. Now keep in mind that I didn’t even have a tablet at the time when I started and had to borrow the school’s. To anyone who has painted in photoshop knows how much of a time suck it can be especally if you are just starting off. Anyway with only three weeks to complete and no wacom tablet of my own, I set off to do the impossible. 20 + hours later and one stint to 4 am with class at 8:30am ,( mind you I live 30 minutes away from school ), I was finished! What you see before you is a dedication in hard work, a testament to all of the hard working illustrators and ui designers out there, and I couldn’t be more proud of the results.

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