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Just an update on my life so far. This has been the busiest week of recent memory for me. With classes ending for the semester, filling out paperwork for my new teaching gig, finishing up last minute projects and generally freaking out, I have had little to no time to blog or chill. Anyway just an update on the Colossal Robot project; unfortunately it hasn’t really come out as I had planned so I will be doing a mockup in Photoshop to show how it should really look but the good news is it will be printed tomorrow by yours truly. I also have a t-shirt design gig in the works that I’m really waiting to hear back about so I’m also really stoked about. This would be one of my biggest projects to date so I really hope it goes through. Also be expecting an update to my portfolio site in the next couple of weeks along with my another site that I built will be launching ( I can’t tell you yet :p ) and an app design mockup. So you can see that I really have my plate full but I’m gonna do better about posting on here so keep a look out!

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