Week in Review

So it’s been one of those weeks again and I’m just now getting around to posting. Anyway where to begin, oh so I have been working normal people hours this week which means that I have to act like a responsible adult and go to bed on time which needless to say is taking some adjustment on my part. I still don’t understand how you can go to bed at a reasonable time and still wake up tired? How is that even possible!!? Also I finally checked my Facebook for the first time in a week and found out the new timeline feature was in beta, so naturally I copped that right then and there, and I love the new layout. No complaints here. So in the realm of project work, lets just say that my other job has been taking the forefront for the time being which is cool cause working from home for clients can be really lonely sometimes, plus tomorrow is a company bowling team building exercise which I’m really looking forward to. If you haven’t seen it yet I posted some new work on my behance and deviant accounts for you guys to check out. Also I got another site in the works here is an image of what is should look like when I get finished. Check it out below!

Thanks for Viewing!!

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