Vintage Audio / Casio PT-7

Casio PT-7

So while I was up in New York helping my aunt move, I found this little gem at my grandparents house. For those of you who are in the know this is a vintage Casio PT-7 with piano and a synthesizer. Now I thought that this would be like some gimmicky toy for little children but boy was I wrong. This thing is the real deal, totally legit. I was messing around with it a few hours ago and I was surprised that one it even works (it has been in storage for over twenty years, thank you solid state electronics!!!) and the clarity of the little speaker. Trust me this little gizmo will be used a lot around here along with my guitar. Don’t believe me, check out this video below of all of the features and prepare to be amazed.

Plus it has a really cool vintage 80′s look to it which gives it a serious yet sophisticated look. Now I’m not really a huge musician but I like to dabble and couldn’t possibly turn down a extremely rare piece of musical history. If you can find one I would suggest you get it no questions asked.

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