Playlist of the Week #3 / Mellow Mix

So I’ve been feeling sort of mellow this past week and I thought for this week’s playlist instead of some new stuff that you’ve probably never heard about I decided to go with some of the gems that I’ve found but have kinda gotten lost in the shuffle around here. This week is a blend of some chill songs some I’m sure you’ve heard of and others not so much but here goes anyway.

  • Orestes – A Perfect Circle
  • The Hollow – A Perfect Circle
  • Tomorrow Comes Today – Gorillaz
  • I Am Home – Massive Attack
  • Buddy Holly – Weezer
  • Undone – Weezer
  • All the small things – Blink 182
  • What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182
  • I Remember (Caspa Remix) – Deadmau5 and Kaskade
  • Black Sheep – Metric

Be sure to check out the playlist here and let me know what you think.

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