1/3 retro styling, 2/3rd’s vector art, and add a whole heaping cup of humor then stir until frothy and throw it in the oven for 3 months then enjoy with whipped cream. If you did all of this for real then you probably just burned your house down and for that I am truly sorry… well sort of. If you did all of this figuratively then you would have ended up with some awesomeness known of as Filter017. On their website they describe their style as “mixed elements” and the rest is all in Chinese literally, I’m not joking. When I stumbled across their work on the Behance network I couldn’t help but be amazed by their sense of style which is best described as skater kid meets hipster and had a breakfast club “coming out of the closet moment” or simply amazing. Actually I’m going to shut up now and just show their work below.

iPhone Covers…



And Toys

So basically you should really check out Filter017 for two reasons. One, because I told you to and two also because I told you to. See where this is going? By the way here is the Filter017 site. If your going to be there a while why not pick up some shirts or stickers and if your feeling super generous you might even send one to your friendly neighborhood artist. For real I’m not joking… OK maybe a little but you should still check out their art you might learn something.

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