Blog Finally Up!!

So I’ve been struggling with word press for the better part of a year on and off to design my own word press theme. Now I don’t know much about php, except for the basics of what is supposed to do what and work when its supposed to but other than that I’m at a loss as to figuring out what goes where. So finally after being super frustrated with my own layout I decided to just find one that fits my needs as I am currently way too busy to have to sit and be frustrated. Anyway enough ranting about my problems; I wanted to start this blog to show off some of the really cool art out there be it digital art, graffiti, fine art, you name it. Also keep an eye out for new content coming soon!

2 Responses to Blog Finally Up!!

  1. Titia says:

    I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a profesoinsal or just very knowledgeable?

    • crux says:

      Thanks, I have never really been a writer I just like to let people know whats going on in the world or with me, not that my life is super interesting but blogging is just a way to unwind and be able to help people out at the same time. Be sure to continue to check out the blog as I will be posting some real good stuff in the coming weeks.

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