CCI T-shirt designs / CRUX

Besides being super busy with the continuous updates to my portfolio website, which has yet to go live… I kinda decided to take a break and create some really cool tees for the local car club that I’m in, Charlotte Cruise Inns. I’m really hoping that these will see the light of day because this was one of the most enjoyable projects that I have worked on in quite some time. If your feeling especially generous with your time, I’m taking a poll to see if I should continue along this path, or just go ahead and do something else. Ah who am I kidding? I’m going to keep on doing this cause its fun. Hopefully it will catch on and I’ll become the next Mark Ecko or something like that. Anyway here is the link: CCI T-shirt designs by CRUX. Or you can always check out the images below, that always works. As always “Enjoy Responsibly”!

Rims / Front

Rims / Backside

Rocker Skull / Front

Rocker Skull / Backside

Rims / Final Proof

Rocker Skull / Final Proof

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