Back in the Game

In case you noticed I havent been updating as much as Ive been real busy working on some stuff and not dead ( although some days it kinda feeels like I am ). Anyway a quick update, I finally got around to painting the rims on my car, built the next version of my portfolio site so keep an eye out for it, bought an Android tablet for the road, and I’m leaving for California to hang with boy Ethan ( hope your reading this cause here’s your wedding present, a shoutout on my blog…jk). So its been real busy but should have some work up soon. Till then here are some pics i found that are really cool.

Here is some Random Inspiration

Thanks for viewing, and stay tuned!!

Playlist of the Week #4 Drum & Bass Mix

This week has been stupid crazy and a little weird. We got all of the big name websites going on strike today to shut down this new bill that has been proposed and such. We also got some weirdly warm somewhat rainy weather for January, so I thought that it was time to get back to the basics with some D & B. Here below ladies and gents is your playlist of the week. Enjoy

  • El Cargo – Amon Tobin
  • Ug – Mr. Scruff
  • The Schematics (Part Mie) Jamie Hodge Remix – DJ Vadim
  • If You Close Your Eyes – The Herbaliser
  • Ruthless – Amon Tobin
  • Chomp Samba – Amon Tobin
  • Theme From Battery – Amon Tobin

Be sure to turn up those subs and blow some windows out!!!

Icon – Motorcycle vs. Car Drift 2

I just had to post this video up a soon as possible. If your blood runs gasoline and your alarm clock is an 5.0 or larger v-8 engine or maybe you just happen to live on a bike then you will really enjoy this movie. Yeah I know the acting is really cheesy but then again I couldn’t hear it over the squeal of a drift car in full lock. Anyway I’ll shut up now so you can get around to watching the movie. Really watch it and be amazed.


1/3 retro styling, 2/3rd’s vector art, and add a whole heaping cup of humor then stir until frothy and throw it in the oven for 3 months then enjoy with whipped cream. If you did all of this for real then you probably just burned your house down and for that I am truly sorry… well sort of. If you did all of this figuratively then you would have ended up with some awesomeness known of as Filter017. On their website they describe their style as “mixed elements” and the rest is all in Chinese literally, I’m not joking. When I stumbled across their work on the Behance network I couldn’t help but be amazed by their sense of style which is best described as skater kid meets hipster and had a breakfast club “coming out of the closet moment” or simply amazing. Actually I’m going to shut up now and just show their work below.

iPhone Covers…



And Toys

So basically you should really check out Filter017 for two reasons. One, because I told you to and two also because I told you to. See where this is going? By the way here is the Filter017 site. If your going to be there a while why not pick up some shirts or stickers and if your feeling super generous you might even send one to your friendly neighborhood artist. For real I’m not joking… OK maybe a little but you should still check out their art you might learn something.

Playlist of the Week #3 / Mellow Mix

So I’ve been feeling sort of mellow this past week and I thought for this week’s playlist instead of some new stuff that you’ve probably never heard about I decided to go with some of the gems that I’ve found but have kinda gotten lost in the shuffle around here. This week is a blend of some chill songs some I’m sure you’ve heard of and others not so much but here goes anyway.

  • Orestes – A Perfect Circle
  • The Hollow – A Perfect Circle
  • Tomorrow Comes Today – Gorillaz
  • I Am Home – Massive Attack
  • Buddy Holly – Weezer
  • Undone – Weezer
  • All the small things – Blink 182
  • What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182
  • I Remember (Caspa Remix) – Deadmau5 and Kaskade
  • Black Sheep – Metric

Be sure to check out the playlist here and let me know what you think.

Vintage Audio / Casio PT-7

Casio PT-7

So while I was up in New York helping my aunt move, I found this little gem at my grandparents house. For those of you who are in the know this is a vintage Casio PT-7 with piano and a synthesizer. Now I thought that this would be like some gimmicky toy for little children but boy was I wrong. This thing is the real deal, totally legit. I was messing around with it a few hours ago and I was surprised that one it even works (it has been in storage for over twenty years, thank you solid state electronics!!!) and the clarity of the little speaker. Trust me this little gizmo will be used a lot around here along with my guitar. Don’t believe me, check out this video below of all of the features and prepare to be amazed.

Plus it has a really cool vintage 80′s look to it which gives it a serious yet sophisticated look. Now I’m not really a huge musician but I like to dabble and couldn’t possibly turn down a extremely rare piece of musical history. If you can find one I would suggest you get it no questions asked.

On to New Horizons

Man this year went by super quick but like all other years for the last twenty years it went by way too quick. Even though it went by quick I really feel like this was the year that my skills really excelled to the point were I feel like I am really marketable with my skills. Now not to boast about my skills I think that everybody could stand to put some time and effort into your hobbies, be it cars, graffiti, art, skateboarding, freerunning etc. Then all you need to do is give yourself six months to a year and look back on yourselve to see where you are now as to where you are today. Trust me you will be amazed and everyone needs a little refresher as to what level you are on.

Playlist of the Week #2

Here are some jams to get you through your week

  • Nutshell – Alice in Chains
  • Timestretch ( West Coast Flo Mix ) – Bassnectar
  • Killer Queen – Queen
  • Good Morning Beautiful – Deftones
  • Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
  • Subdivisions – Rush
  • Animus Vox – The Glitch Mob
  • Brokendate – ComTruise
  • Im Beaming – Lupe Fiasco

Check out the playlist here!

Week in Review

So it’s been one of those weeks again and I’m just now getting around to posting. Anyway where to begin, oh so I have been working normal people hours this week which means that I have to act like a responsible adult and go to bed on time which needless to say is taking some adjustment on my part. I still don’t understand how you can go to bed at a reasonable time and still wake up tired? How is that even possible!!? Also I finally checked my Facebook for the first time in a week and found out the new timeline feature was in beta, so naturally I copped that right then and there, and I love the new layout. No complaints here. So in the realm of project work, lets just say that my other job has been taking the forefront for the time being which is cool cause working from home for clients can be really lonely sometimes, plus tomorrow is a company bowling team building exercise which I’m really looking forward to. If you haven’t seen it yet I posted some new work on my behance and deviant accounts for you guys to check out. Also I got another site in the works here is an image of what is should look like when I get finished. Check it out below!

Thanks for Viewing!!

Made to Stick / CRUX

New Project alert!! Here is the latest project that I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. Its really an excersise in page layout and the rule was to use the text from a already existing book and create a book of our own. So without further ado here is my take on the book.

Front of Book







Stickiness Summary

Back of Book

Thanks for Viewing